Mise en Scène
About Mise en Scène

Ms. Dembo's initial career as an award winning director of photography for national publications including The New York Times, “O” the Oprah Magazine, National Geographic and Life, honed her production and management skills as well as her ability to meet deadlines and work within budgets. She conceived, produced, styled and directed photo shoots for news, fashion, travel and celebrities, and hired world renowned photographers Philip Lorca DiCorcia, Brigitte Lacombe, Duane Michals, Cleo Sullivan, Cliff Watts, and Christian Witkin, among others. As a photographer and writer, Ms. Dembo's own work has appeared in The New York Times, Travel & Leisure, and Outside Magazine. A collection of her photographs and essays, “Through the Viewing Glass, Reflections on Photographing Children” was published by Atria in 2005.

Ms. Dembo brings her sensibility of light, form, color and composition, and her connections to the decorative and fine arts world to the interiors she designs. Drawing on her magazine experience, she creates visual narratives within physical spaces, resulting in interiors that appeal in an experiential way.

Hadas Dembo has a degree in English Literature from Yale University, and attended the International Center of Photography.